Using evidence based, proven treatments woven into a caring, calming environment helps our clients achieve successes in a Residential, Inpatient setting.  Our facility specializes in Substance Abuse and Addiction, but also addresses co-occurring disorders or dual-diagnosis conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Anger and more.


Solid Rock Recovery is a 24 hour, 7 days a week intensive treatment for active-duty service members and veterans: men and women, who have been impaired in work, school, finances, health, family, or relationships due to substance abuse. This program strongly directs our clients (and their families) to adopt our prescription of a complete lifestyle of abstinence of alcohol and/or other illicit drugs in order to get the best results in their recovery efforts.


Upon admission, clients are scheduled for numerous 1-on-1 meetings with an admitting physician, a mental health clinician, a substance abuse counselor, a case manager, and a recovery advocate. This allows us to create the ideal program for their needs and develop a recovery plan that includes achievable yet measurable goals. Your individual treatment plan is reviewed and adjusted by our multidisciplinary team throughout your stay.


Clients engage in a variety of therapeutic and counseling processes that allow them to gain confidence in their recovery efforts.  These sessions allow for underlying, root causes of our behaviors to be addressed in a healthy and beneficial way, allowing the recovery foundation to take shape.  Therapists who specialize in a range of subject matters are available to walk through addiction and non-addiction related issues.  Our counseling staff specialized in both the addiction and substance abuse component.  Spirituality Counsel is also available.


Clients will engage in the broad scope of subject matter while attending groups and sessions, that include Goals-setting, coping skills, symptom management, relapse prevention, anger-management, stress-reduction and more.  Experiential, Recreational, Environmental, and other therapies are also used as part of a whole-person approach to recovery.


Successful completion of the program is based on reaching achievable goals within your prescribed stay, and having a clear, achievable discharge plan before your departure.  Active participation in all activities while admitted is required.  Clients should be encouraged that those who stay regularly engaged with their Case Manager, Counselor and Therapist will build a solid foundation of recovery from which they can move forward.


Recovery offers those of us who struggle with mental health or behavioral health concerns the opportunity to rejoin life in a healthy, positive way.  Our program is designed to give you the confidence, education and support you need.